Gifted And Talented

Plainwell Community Schools offers gifted and talented students challenging educational opportunities through its Visions program. The program consists of identifying students  with extraordinary ability;  offering challenging classes and events for gifted and talented students; differentiated instruction in classrooms; and information/meetings for parents of gifted and talents students.

We invite you to call Kim Cramer at the Visions Office located in Starr Elementary at 269.685.5835 or by e-mail at gro.sloohcsllewnialp@remarck for more information.


This past year in the "Rock On!" classes, 3rd grade students learned about layers of the earth, types of rocks, earthquakes, volcanoes, and tsunamis. A geologist from the State of Michigan's DEQ visited and spoke to the students about Michigan's geology and his career as a geologist.  Third graders also worked on creative writing projects during the "Write Away" classes.

Fourth grade students used their problem solving and creative skills as they worked in teams to build various projects in "Brainstormers". During our "Shark Attack" unit, students learned myths and facts about sharks, presented research reports on many shark species, and saw a dissection of a preserved Spiny Dogfish Shark.

Fifth grade students learned the engineering design process as they designed and built a working wind turbine in "Energy Matters" classes. In "C.S.I. Plainwell" students learned about forensics and worked in teams to investigate a theft crime, assisted by staff members who posed as suspects.

In late September 2018 parents will receive letters giving information and dates regarding the 2018-2019 Visions classes which will begin in October.  All classes meet at Starr Elementary School in either the Science Lab or Art Room.


Please note:

  1. If school is canceled due to weather or any other emergency situation, Visions classes are also cancelled.
  2. Two hour delays — If school is delayed due to weather or any other emergency situation, Visions classes are also delayed for two hours and will start at 9:30 a.m.
  3. Half days — Visions classes will be held on school half days.


Visions Program Staff

  • Laurie Lanphear, Gifted and Talented Program Coordinator
  • Kim Cramer, Visions Program Aide
  • Char Madison, Middle School Liaison
  • PHS Counseling Office, High School Information

Useful Links

For information regarding Midwest Academic Talent Search and ATYP, contact Dr. Kelly Schultz at Western Michigan University, Lee Honors College, 387-3230.  See the link below for MATS through the Center for Talent Development at Northwestern University.  The link to ATYP  gives information and registration forms for challenging summer programs available for students entering grades 6 through grades 9, as well as information about ATYP.