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Please note that MasterCard is experiencing a problem with debit card transactions resulting in those cards being declined.  This problem exists for ALL processors.  Parents that are declined due to this MasterCard issue will need to use a different card on until MasterCard corrects the problem.  Thank you for your patience.

Questions and/or comments? Please call 685-2097 or email Connor Kooyers, Food Service Director.

At Plainwell Community Schools, we feed our students tasty and nutritious lunches. Breakfast and lunch are served at all buildings throughout the district. All meals include: one entree, milk, and as many fruits and vegetables as each student would like during that meal period.

Breakfast  $1.50
Milk  50¢
Elementary Lunch  $2.60
Secondary Lunch  $2.85/$3.00

Click Here to Apply for Free & Reduced Lunches
A new application must be completed every year and within 30 operating days of the beginning of school. Only one application per family is needed. Applications are available online with the link above or at any school office. You will be notified of your status after your has been processed.


Interactive Menus

Plainwell Community Schools is excited to introduce interactive school menus. Use the button below to see menus for each school along with nutritional information and more!

Interactive School Menus


Additional Information

Free & Reduced Meal Information

Free & Reduced Meal Information

You can now fill out an application online or print this form and send it to your child’s school.

A new application must be completed every year. If you do not submit a new form within 30 days, your child will automatically be charged the full price meal following that time frame. You will be responsible for the charges incurred because of the late submission. Only one application per family is needed. Applications are available with the links above or at any school office in the district. If you think there is a possibility that you might qualify, please fill it out as soon as possible. Please make sure you follow directions carefully, as failure to do so may cause delays in the final approval process. This information is highly confidential and treated with the utmost respect. Children qualifying receive the identical lunch and go through the same serving line as the paying child. You will be notified of your status after we receive your application and it is processed.

Charge Procedure

Charge Procedure

According to the USDA National School and Breakfast regulations, school districts are not obligated to provide meals, nor extend credit, to any student unable pay for meals. However, Plainwell Community Schools realizes the need to provide meals to students so they are prepared to learn. It is also recognized that the provision of meals must be handled in a fiscally responsible manner.  Upon enrollment, all students have a food service account created to properly account for each meal or items purchased. This account also serves to track positive and negative balances.


Student account balances, for all grade levels, shall be set at a level not to exceed -$10.00 for all meals served.

Elementary and Middle School Students: Once a student’s account balance reaches or exceeds -$10.00, an alternative meal will be provided at no charge to the student. The alternative meal provided will consist of a cheese or peanut butter sandwich and milk. After 10 consecutive days of receiving alternative meals the student will be denied meal service.

High School Students: Once a student’s account balance reaches or exceeds -$10.00, a substitute meal will NOT be provided and the student will be denied meal service.

All Students: At no time will any student be allowed to charge snack or a la carte items. Breakfast meals shall be allowed for charging, and applied towards the charge limit, but alternative meals will not be provided.

Account balances are available for review, at any time, using our automated web service by visiting If you have not already registered for this service, you will need an active email account and the student ID numbers for each student you intend to register, prior to completing the registration process.

Note:  Additional communication methods may be used for balance notification purposes. If you need to inquire about the status of your child’s account balance, please contact the Food Service Department at 685-2097.

Nutrition Guidelines

Nutrition Guidelines

The USDA has introduced new nutrition guidelines for every school district in the United States. Please take a moment and read this memo to see the changes. The main thing to help your child is to remind them that they need to take a fruit or vegetable for their meal to qualify as a reimbursable meal. Another good source of information is the Meal Component Guide. It explains in detail what a student needs to take to make a meal.

Chartwells guidelines are to:

  • Provide more deeply-colored, nutrient-dense, and fiber-rich fruits and vegetables, such as sweet potatoes, spinach, peaches, broccoli, and beans
  • Provide more whole grain foods, such as brown rice and whole wheat
  • Encourage lean proteins including vegetarian and plant-based
  • Reduce unhealthy fats, sodium, and sugar
  • Continue Chartwells’ dedication to earth and community friendly practices by serving hormone-free milk, poultry products with the routine use of antibiotics, sustainable seafood, and cage-free eggs

Special Dietary Needs

Special Dietary Needs

ATTENTION: If your child has an allergy please fill out the form linked below. We need you to provide us with this information to let us know what to properly substitute for them. 

Request for Special Dietary Needs

Catering Information

Catering Information

Did you know that Plainwell Food Services offers catering?  Any catering needs can be provided to you by Plainwell Food Service – and 100% of profits go back to the district! Please contact Connor Kooyers, Food Service Director, at 685-2097 to learn more about this fantastic (and delicious!) way to help support Plainwell Schools.

Plainwell Food Service is brought to you by Chartwells School Dining.chartwells-logo

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