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Student Services Center

Janelle Rieman,  Counselor
Emily Johnson, Counselor
Paige Mulka, Registrar

The Student Services Center would like to remind our students and parents that our job is to advocate for students, and to encourage success in and after high school. We would like to encourage parents to:

  • Contact the teacher first with concerns about assignments, grades or student progress
  • Ask teachers for specific feedback and to offer specific recommendations
  • Seek additional help from teachers before or after school
  • Contact counselors when questions arise

College Visits

Each fall, we invite several colleges and universities to visit Plainwell High School to talk to interested Juniors and Seniors. All students are encouraged to participate in college visits. Times and sign ups are in the Student Services Center. We have finished with our college visits for the school year, please check back next fall for a new list of visits.

We are on Facebook!  Pursue the many scholarships available at:



Course Descriptions

PHS Honors Diploma Program

Dual Enrollment Information

Online Courses   Contact the Student Services Center for more information about online courses.

Testing Out Policies and Procedures

Meeting the Michigan Merit Curriculum Requirement

Earning High School Credit in Middle School

Weighted Grade Policy for Dual Enrollment Classes

Parent Checklists for Preparing Students for Post-Secondary Education 

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