Academic Enrichment Center


The Academic Enrichment Center (AEC) was established at the start of the 2011-12 school year in order to improve  the delivery  of special education services and to allow most students with special needs to remain in the general education setting with their peers for the majority of the school day. The first year of implementation resulted in a dramatic decrease in behavior referrals for students with special needs combined with an increase in student self-advocacy and academic success. Students who take advantage of the services provided in the AEC continue to experience increases in academic success and self-advocacy. Although originally designed to meet the needs of those students with an Individualized Education Plan (IEP), the AEC is now available to support students with 504 plans and students who are receiving Tier 2 or Tier 3 interventions as a part of the high school’s Response To Intervention (RTI) program.


The AEC is a centrally located room that is staffed each period with at least one  educator. Students who would like additional assistance with class work may request a pass from the classroom teacher and visit the AEC in order to to receive additional help with the work.

Students who visit the AEC are expected to adhere to  the following procedures:

1. Sign in upon arrival and sign out before leaving

2. Bring a signed pass from the general education teacher and a specific assignment to work on while in the AEC.

3. Stay on task as evidenced by work completion and non-disruptive behavior.

4. Follow student handbook policies

On the rare occasion that a student may behave in an unacceptable manner, he/she may be asked to return the the general education setting. This seldom happens as students who choose to visit the AEC are focused on success.


Staff in the AEC welcome any questions regarding student services. Email information is listed below. Parents are also encouraged to check out individual teacher pages for more information on staff members.

Patricia Austin (gro.sloohcsllewnialp@nitsuap)

Nancy Heath (gro.sloohcsllewnialp@htaehn)

Jeff Lindstrom (gro.sloohcsllewnialp@mortsdnilj)

Margaret Sibert (gro.sloohcsllewnialp@trebism)