Community Scholarships


The following is a list of scholarships that have historically been awarded annually to Plainwell High School graduates. Please be sure to check our Facebook page (Plainwell High School Guidance Office) for more scholarships. We keep previous scholarships posted here because it helps students know what to expect. We will update with current dates when we hear from the scholarships sponsors.  Scholarships are usually updated sometime after Christmas break.

Disclaimer: Information presented on the PHS local scholarship website is provided for the convenience of the user. While the PHS attempts to keep such information accurate and up to date, it cannot warrant the authenticity or reliability of such information.


Allegan County Agricultural Society Scholarship Fund

This scholarship is for students who are planning on pursuing a post-secondary education and have participated in exhibiting at the Allegan County Fair for three out of four of their high school years. If you are interested in applying for this scholarship please complete the application as soon as possible. You must include three personal photos, and forward it to the college counselor or teacher you have selected to complete the appraisal. Mail to Allegan County Fair Board or deliver to the fair office by April 1, 2020.

Allegan County Agricultural Society Scholarship


Anna Pipp Foundations Scholarship

The Pipp Foundation, funded by the estate of Anna Pipp, was established in 1956 for the purpose of funding educational, charitable and benevolent projects for the people of Plainwell. Through the years, the Foundation has given over $1,000,000 to the community and scholarships. The income of the Fund is managed through the Kalamazoo Foundation with the income distributed by the Trustees.

Students who are academically the top 20 of the graduating class and are residents of the Plainwell School District are invited to apply. Applications are distributed to eligible students after 2nd trimester grades are complete.

Arbor Financial Community Scholarship
Arbor Financial will be giving out twelve $2,000 scholarships to high school seniors in the state of Michigan. This will be an essay challenge where you will share a personal innovative solution and the positive impact if would have on the world. The application deadline is March 15, 2020.
More information can be found on Arbor Financial's Website.

Bruce Miller Memorial Scholarship

The Plainwell Education Foundation is proud to offer The Bruce Miller Memorial Scholarship. Bruce Miller was a Plainwell High School graduate who continued his education, earning a degree in Diesel Mechanics from Ferris State University.  If you are planning on studying diesel mechanics at Ferris, this scholarship may be for you.  Please consult your counselor regarding this scholarship.


Bryon Brooks Memorial Scholarship

Bryon Brooks was a 1992 graduate of PHS. Bryon was involved in many activities at PHS but his involvement with PALS was the most rewarding. Bryon had a unique ability to work with some of Plainwell’s more challenged students, and his experiences with these students made him realize that he wanted to be a special education teacher. Tragically, Bryon was struck by lightning in August of 1993 and died two weeks later. The Brooks family set up a scholarship in 1993 to memorialize Bryon and assist (a) Plainwell student(s) to who want to enter the teaching profession (especially, but not limited to, special education). The Bryon Brooks scholarships will award up to five $1000 scholarships. (This excludes Early College students).  The application deadline is Tuesday, TBD.  Applications are essays answering the following question: “I would like to be considered for the Bryon Brooks Memorial Scholarship because:” Mail applications to: Rick Brooks, 130 Mariette St., Plainwell, MI 49080


Cooper Alumni Scholarship

If you are a Cooper Alumni slated to graduate this year, and have college/vocational plans, you may apply for a $500 scholarship available through the Cooper Parents’ Group. Your letter (double spaced and not more than one page) should include the following:

  • Your name and your years at Cooper.

  • The role Cooper Elementary played in your educational development.

  • Memories or stories of your experiences at Cooper Elementary.

  • A brief biographical sketch of your accomplishments.

  • Your future college or vocational plans. Your GPA should not be included in your essay. All applications must be ONE page double spaced or it will NOT be accepted.

Please DO NOT include your GPA.  Deadline TBD


DC Strong Scholarship

Dustan Colyer graduated from PHS in 2012.  He was the founder of DC Strong which is a non-profit organization that helps children across the country who are battling cancer. Dustan fought cancer on and off for most of his 23 years of life, but didn't let his diagnosis dictate his life.  Dustan left a legacy of determination and will to beat the odds, while using his own struggles to help others.  Applicants of the DC Strong scholarship should be able to show the same drive and determination in their own lives and explain how they have used their stuggles in a positive way.  Please use the link below for the application and instructions.  This scholarship is due in the Student Services office TBD

DC Strong Scholarship

Gilkey Elementary Parent Club Scholarship
The Gilkey Parent Club will be offering a scholarship to any student who attended Gilkey Elementary for two years or more.  This is a $500 scholarship funded by retired teachers, designated donations, and fundraising.  The applications are due TBD.  Please deliver them to  the Gilkey Elementary office.  Use the PDF link below to print the application and instructions.


Glenn Beier Memorial Scholarship

Glenn Beier was a teacher, counselor, coach and friend to many students, staff and individuals in the Plainwell Community School District.  The family of “Coach” Beier have chosen to establish a legacy in the form of scholarships to benefit graduating seniors of Plainwell Community Schools.  Scholarships will be awarded to graduating seniors that represent Coach Beier’s known traits of leadership, hard work, compassion and dedication.  Please turn in the completed application to the Student Services office by April 1, 2020.  Teachers should turn in the recommendation form directly to the Student Services office, not back to the student. Please use the PDF below to print instructions and application. This is a one-time scholarship. 

Early college students are eligible to apply during their 12th grade year.

Glenn Beier Memorial Scholarship


Gun Lake Casino Scholarship

Gun Lake Casino strives to be an active partner in the community through it’s Charitable Giving Program.  This scholarship’s purpose is to provide financial support to Allegan County students that are pursuing higher education.  One student from each of the eight public high schools in Allegan County will benefit from this scholarship.  Please use the link below for a PDF of this application. Criteria includes a 2.75 GPA or higher, 2 letters of recommendation and a 1000 word essay.  The scholarship applications must be completed and turned into the Student Services Office by TBD.

2019 Gun Lake Casino Scholarship


Jack Meert Memorial Scholarship

The Jack Meert Memorial Scholarship will be awarded to a graduating senior who has been an athlete for all four years of high school, and has college/vocational plans. The applicant must show evidence of leadership and demonstrate academic achievement and potential for continued success at the college level. To apply, type a letter of application in which you include the following: An introduction of yourself, a brief sketch of your academic and extra-curricular accomplishments, your future college or vocational plans, why do you merit the scholarship, and any other information that you might want to include – special awards, etc.   Please hand in your essay to the Student Services Office.  Class of 2020 due date is TBD.



Jack and Phyllis Streidl Scholarship

To honor the contributions of Jack and Phyllis Streidl to the Plainwell community over the past 50 years, the Jack R. & Phyllis J. Streidl Scholarship was established in 2006. The annual scholarship awards $1,000 to one female and one male scholar-athlete. Scholarship awards are used to defray the costs of tuition in the student’s freshman year. Scholarships are not renewable.  Deadline for the Class of 2020 is TBD.  Please apply on the Allegan County Foundation website.  A link to the scholarship is below. The application will be available starting December 2, 2019.

Jack and Phyllis Streidl Scholarship


JBS Youth Scholarship

JBS takes pride in supporting the educational goals of the community members and their families.  They believe education plays a critical role in the future strength of our communities.  They are committed to building a long lasting relationship with the community members and contributing to the promotion of financial health for a lifetime.  Giving back through the annual scholarship program is an example of this commitment.  Please find the application and essay processes and application links below.  All applications must be received or postmarked by TBD.  You are strongly encouraged to email your entire application package to nicole.crittendenmoc.assbj@ on or before the April 15th deadline.

2019 JBS Scholarship Application Process

2019 JBS Scholarship Application


Lucy Haffner Scholarship

Lucy Haffner was a Plainwell High School alumni. She graduated as Valedictorian of Plainwell High School in 1985, then went on to study at both Michigan State University and Western Michigan University.  This scholarship is given to a student who demonstrates her dedication to academics and shows a financial need.  Please use the link for application below.  Applications are due in the Student Services Office on TBD.

Lucy Haffner Scholarship Application


PHS Boosters Senior Scholarship

The boosters are excited to open our senior scholarship applications to include all students involved in any club or team here at PHS. Each year, we provide up to four $1,000 scholarships (dependent upon funds available) to graduating seniors. We require a minimum of ten hours helping the Plainwell High School Boosters with activities (such as selling apparel or working in the concession stand) in order to apply for the senior scholarship. Again, students also earn community service hours volunteering for the Boosters while fulfilling their student scholarship application requirement.  Please turn in your completed applications to the Student Services Center.  Application due date Monday, March 16, 2020.

PHS Boosters Senior Scholarship


Plainwell Education Foundation Roger File First Generation Scholarship

This scholarship is in memory of Roger File and is awarded to “first generation” college students.  Please turn your applications in to the Student Service Center.  Applications are due by the end of the day on Tuesday, March 31, 2020. 


Plainwell Middle School Staff Scholarship
If you are slated to graduate this year and have college or vocational plans, you may apply for a $500 scholarship from the Plainwell Middle School Staff.  The requirements are a letter that follows the instructions in the PDF link below.  Please turn your application/letter into the Student Services Office by TBD.

Plainwell Rotary Scholarship

Plainwell Rotary is a community service organization.  It is part of a large global organization that has been around for over 110 years.  Our motto is “SERVICE ABOVE SELF”.  We serve both our local community as well as international humanitarian service.  The Plainwell Rotary Club will award a $500 scholarship to a graduating senior from the Plainwell School system who is planning to pursue a degree at any accredited college or university. Applications and all supporting data must be returned to Plainwell High School Student Services Office.  Application due date is Friday, April 3, 2020.

Plainwell Rotary Scholarship 2020


Starr Elementary Scholarship

The Starr Parents Association is giving away a scholarship to a past Starr Elementary student for $500. The requirements are as follows:

  • No more than two pages double spaced.
  • Tell about their favorite Starr memories, teachers and moments as well as how they think Starr helped to shape their future.
  • Tell about future college plans (must be going to college or trade school.)
  • They may list any organizations that they are involved with in and out of school.

The deadline for the Starr Alumni Scholarship is TBD.  Please hand your scholarship essay in to the Student Services Office.


Plainwell Education Association

The Plainwell Education Association Scholarship is a one-year scholarship given to a Plainwell High School Graduating Senior who is planning on a career in education.  Applications are due TBD

Plainwell Education Association Scholarship 2019


Plainwell Education Foundation Senior Scholarships

Eligibility: This scholarship is open to all graduating Plainwell High School or Renaissance High School Seniors. Students in all full-time areas of study will be equally considered. All vocational, traditional and non-traditional pursuits will be accepted. The Plainwell Education Foundation is interested in supporting all educational pursuits. Scholarships will vary in amount depending on the number of applicants and funds available. Decisions of the Plainwell Education Foundation Scholarship Committee are final. All application information will be kept confidential. By applying for this scholarship you are giving your approval for your name and photograph to appear on Plainwell Education Foundation media such as but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, website, media releases etc.  The deadline for the PEF is the third Monday in March. Your application must be turned into the Student Services Center by the end of the day on March 16.

PEF Scholarship Application


Ron Faurot Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is in honor of former Plainwell High School principal Ron Faurot. The scholarship is funded by the staff at Plainwell High School, and awarded to a student pursuing a non-traditional post-secondary education.  Please use the link below for the application and turn in applications to the Student Services Office by TBD.

Ron Faurot Scholarship Application


The Larry Barlow Scholarship

Larry Barlow graduated from Plainwell High School in 2006. Larry was very active and very ambitious; he played almost every sport that Plainwell had to offer. Larry was involved in a horrible car accident in May of 2009 that took his life. Larry’s friends and family have set up a scholarship in his name to honor Larry and to help someone out that wants to further their education, someone who is athletic and ambitious. This scholarship is not awarded based on GPA, it is for a student who goes above and beyond in school and sports, just like Larry. Criteria for applicants: Any athlete with plans to further their education. A minimum GPA of 2.0 required.  Application due in the Student Services Office by Tuesday, March 31st, 2020.

Larry Barlow Application


Michigan Association of Retired School Personnel Scholarship

This scholarship will be awarded to any graduate of an Allegan County Public High School who intends to pursue full time post-secondary high school education or training in a state-accredited college or trade school.  Students must have a GPA of at least 2.5.  All applications are due to the Student Services office by TBD.

Michigan Association of Retired School Personnel Scholarship


Otsego-Plainwell Chamber of Commerce Scholarship Award

The Otsego-Plainwell Area Chamber of Commerce will be awarding one or two scholarships to a Plainwell High School graduate this year.  They will award (2) $500 scholarships to a Plainwell High School graduate for further study in a two or four-year accredited program.  Applications must be mailed by April 15, 2020 to the Chamber Office at 135 E. Allegan Street Otsego, MI 49078.  Awards will be presented at the Senior Awards Ceremony.

Otsego-Plainwell Area Chamber of Commerce Scholarship 


Sandra Fiebiger Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship honors Sandra Fiebiger who worked for Plainwell Community Schools for 20 years and continued to volunteer after her retirement.  There are no specific requirements for this scholarship.  Please use the link below to print the instructions/application.  This scholarship is due TBD in the PHS Student Services Office.

Sandra Fiebiger Memorial Scholarship