Student Services Center

Last Updated: 10/1/2020 5:12 PM


The Student Services Office would like to remind our students and parents that our job is to advocate for students and to encourage success in and after high school.  We would like to encourage parents to:

  • Contact the teacher first with concerns about assignments, grades, or student progress
  • Ask teachers for specific feedback and to offer specific recommendations
  • Seek additional help from teachers before or after school
  • Contact counselors when questions arise


Emily Johnson, Counselor-Last names A-K, ELL Students, Level 2 Special Education Students
Use this link to make an appointment to see Mrs. Johnson (use your student email):

Brittany Storms, Counselor-Last names L-Z
Use this link to make an appointment to see Mrs. Storms (use your student email):

Susan Johnson, Registrar

Mackenzie Evers, College Adviser
Use this link to make an appointment to see Ms. Evers (use your student email):

Sue Gower, Student Services Coordinator


For students wishing to change their schedule for the 2020-21 second trimester, please use this form:
No schedule change requests will be allowed after Friday, 11/13/2020 at 2:30pm.  Changes are extremely limited during pandemic learning.


Each fall, we invite several colleges and universities to visit Plainwell High School to talk to interested Juniors and Seniors.  Check your emailed Daily Announcements in the fall for details so you can participate. 

Other opportunities to pursue:  


Course Information

Community Service

Dual Enrollment Information

Early College Allegan County (ECAC)  Extra year of high school but graduate with an Associates Degree!  Apply in 10th Grade.

Online Courses   Contact Student Services for more information about online courses.

Meeting the Michigan Merit Curriculum Requirement

PALS (Peer Assistant Leaders)

Earning High School Credit in Middle School

Parent Checklists for Preparing Students for Post-Secondary Education