Parental Involvement Policy

We cultivate a school environment that is welcoming, supportive and student centered by always seeking to have open communication between school and home. At Gilkey, we survey perception data and provide time school information in a variety of ways. We maintain a friendly, safe and caring environment from the front door, in the office and throughout the building.

Professional Development is provided to school staff supporting a strong connection between families and the school. Staff receives regular and effective professional development in areas such as maintaining high student engagement, analyzing data for targeted intervention, and up-to-data training (i.e. Common Core State Standards – the new standards in education). Teachers are attending a variety of workshops to support current curriculum implementation as well as preparing students for their future.

Information to families related to the proper health, safety and well-being of their child(ren) is located in the school foyer as well as going home with students in newsletters. Our school website and School Messenger, our phone calling system, are two additional tools we use to keep our families informed.

Information about school policies, procedures, programs and activities is provided to families on our district website and individualized by building in student handbooks.

Regular and open communication between school personnel and students’ families is accomplished by phone calls, emails, School Messenger, positive notes, regular newsletters from teachers and principal, school website and individualized notes.

The school communicates in a format and language that is understandable to the extent practical by avoiding school jargon. We use family friendly language with school-to-home documents.

Gilkey Elementary School provides information and involves families in monitoring student progress with the use of the Online Gradebook, parent teacher conferences, evening events and phone calls.

Families are provided with timely and meaningful information regarding Michigan’s academic standards, State and local assessments, and pertinent legal provisions in newsletters, district website, School Messenger, handbooks and report cards.

Many volunteer opportunities are provided to families to their children’s school activities in coordination with the teachers and the Gilkey Parents’ Club.

Gilkey Elementary School works with families to establish learning goals and help their children accomplish these goals with cooperation of classroom teachers, Student Assistance Team meetings and School Improvement.

Meetings, events and many communications address our work with families to provide a school and home environment that encourages learning and extends learning at home by strong school and home communications. Homework practices are in place by grade levels.

Gilkey Elementary School involves families as partners in the process of school review and continuous improvement planning through committee work in concert with parents and school.

Families are involved in the development of its district-wide parent involvement policy by accessing the district website and participating in the Gilkey Parents’ Club.

The school builds constructive partnerships and connects families with community-based programs and other community resources by our highly trained staff meeting the needs of individual families.