Charge Procedure

According to the USDA National School and Breakfast regulations, school districts are not obligated to provide meals, nor extend credit, to any student unable pay for meals. However, Plainwell Community Schools realizes the need to provide meals to students so they are prepared to learn. It is also recognized that the provision of meals must be handled in a fiscally responsible manner.  Upon enrollment, all students have a food service account created to properly account for each meal or items purchased. This account also serves to track positive and negative balances.


Student account balances, for all grade levels, shall be set at a level not to exceed -$10.00 for all meals served.

Elementary and Middle School Students: Once a student’s account balance reaches or exceeds -$10.00, an alternative meal will be provided at no charge to the student. The alternative meal provided will consist of a cheese or peanut butter sandwich and milk. After 10 consecutive days of receiving alternative meals the student will be denied meal service.

High School Students: Once a student’s account balance reaches or exceeds -$10.00, a substitute meal will NOT be provided and the student will be denied meal service.

All Students: At no time will any student be allowed to charge snack or a la carte items. Breakfast meals shall be allowed for charging, and applied towards the charge limit, but alternative meals will not be provided.

Account balances are available for review, at any time, using our automated web service by visiting If you have not already registered for this service, you will need an active email account and the student ID numbers for each student you intend to register, prior to completing the registration process.

Note:  Additional communication methods may be used for balance notification purposes. If you need to inquire about the status of your child’s account balance, please contact the Food Service Department at 685-2097.