Attention PHS Athletes and Parents

A reminder as we near the end of a trimester soon...

To be eligible for athletic participation a student-athlete MUST pass 5 of 6 classes (MHSAA requirement) and have at LEAST a 1.67 gpa for that current trimester to be eligible for the subsequent trimester.   Credit recovery after 1st and 2nd trimester can be taken (See Mr. Marshall) or credit recovery or summer school can be taken after 3rd trimester (again see Mr. Marshall).  Questions ...please contact the PHS athletic office at 685-2096.


                                       Plainwell Athletic Physicals 2020-2021
"Athletic physicals will be offered for PHS-PMS students on...
 Wednesday, June 3rd starting at 6:00pm at Otsego High School. 
 These will be the MHSAA physicals and are  required if the athlete plans on playing a sport(s) at Plainwell High School or Middle School anytime during the 2020-2021 school year.  There is no cost for these physicals and we do thank the staff and doctors from Bronson Sports Medicine for providing this service."


MHSAA Transfer Rule changes for 2019-2020

A revised transfer rule by the MHSAA will go into effect next school but eligibility in a particular sport will be based on what a student-athlete is participating the previous year and beyond.

In essence, a transfer student has immediate eligibility in a sport not played the previous season.

And (unless one of the 15 transfer exceptions applies)...

no eligibility for the upcoming season in a sport actually played (interscholastic scrimmage or contest) the previous season in that sport.

What sports athletes participate in this school year (2018-2019) will determine their eligibility for 2019-2020 should they transfer high schools and not meet one of the 15 stated exceptions.

For more information go to; click on “Schools”; then click on “Parents”; from that page see the “Regulations Summary” in the upper right corner.


New this year from MHSAA - All MHSAA district level admissions will now be $6...have been at $5 for the past 15 years and they will be raised to $6 for all district events where admission is charged.


A much easier way of paying fees and purchasing all-sport passes, is to use the RevTrak program to do that. On line and simple.


Each participant must pay the $30 per sport fee each season-  fall, winter, spring.  If an athlete is on the free/reduced lunch program we are able to waive the fee; please keep the athletic office informed.


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