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August 18, 2021

Dear Parents & Guardians,

Please be aware that earlier this morning we were provided with an update by the Allegan County Health Department that they will be issuing a Public Health Order related to wearing masks in schools.  Kalamazoo Health Department is issuing a similar order.  The two counties issue their orders pursuant to the Michigan Public Health Code, MCL 333.2451 and 333.2453, as well as R. 325.175(4), which is an administrative rule promulgated by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services pursuant to MCL 333.2226(d).  Please note the following requirements per this order from the ACHD Health Officer:
Masks will be required for all students, staff, and visitors in facilities that service students in Kindergarten through 6th grade during the regular school day.  For Plainwell Community Schools this includes Cooper Elementary, Starr Elementary, Gilkey Elementary, and our Middle School 6th graders.  This order does not apply to extra curricular activities.  This order does not apply outside.  This order does not apply to 7th or 8th grade students or staff when they are separated from 6th grade students but will be required when those students have contact with each other.  This Public Health Order will expire six (6) weeks after the vaccine is available to younger age students (5-11 years old).  Our update from ACHD stated that the vaccine for younger students is expected to be approved and available sometime in late October to early November of this year.  

  • Masks required for all staff, students, and visitors during the regular school day grades K-6.
  • Masks required on all school buses for all grade levels per CDC order.
  • This is a Public Health Order, not a school district decision, any questions or concerns are to be directed to ACHD per the Allegan County Health Officer.  Contact information is available on their website and attached order.
  • While we recommend and support families that choose mask wearing for older students, masks remain optional for those students.
  • All classroom spaces have additional air filtering that include HEPA and reverse ionization systems.
  • Classrooms and high touch areas will be cleaned and sanitized daily.
  • Please keep your student(s) home if they are sick.
  • The referenced Public Health Order is posted on our website and attached for your review if needed.


Matthew J. M. Montange

For a printable copy of this letter, please click here.
For the ACHD Mask Order, please click here.