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Plainwell High School FLEX Academy

You have been referred to the flex program, what next?

Receive a Plainwell education, with the flexibility of online coursework!

The Plainwell FLEX Academy provides students with the learning opportunities that a traditional high school offer but with the flexibility to be in school on their own time. Participating in the Plainwell FLEX Academy gives students the opportunity to learn at the award winning Plainwell High School, while learning in an online and flexible environment with personalized instruction for students.  Students that participate in the FLEX program will receive a Chromebook to use for their classes.

Students that attend the Plainwell FLEX Academy are eligible to participate in sports, dances, band, choir, etc. 


Mission Statement

The mission of the Plainwell FLEX Academy is to be flexible, meeting students where they are and working cooperatively with them, to develop a non-traditional learning plan that leads to graduation and future success.

FLEX Vision

The Plainwell FLEX Academy recognizes every student’s path to graduation is different, as are their life experiences and challenges. Our vision is to instill the values of integrity, hard work, respect, and resilience, while teaching students to advocate for themselves, so that they not only succeed at PHS, but in their chosen careers and future endeavors as well.

Plainwell FLEX

The Plainwell FLEX Academy is "Rethinking Education for the Students Who Need it Most".

Why the flex academy might be the right learning option for you!

Do you prefer to complete coursework online?

Do you prefer a smaller learning environment?

Do you prefer to work on one course at a time?

The FLEX Academy is the right choice for YOU!

Have Questions? Ready to Learn More?

Please contact Mr. Jeff Lindstrom at:

ǀ phone ǀ (269) 685-9554

ǀ email ǀ jeff.lindstrom@plainwellschools.org

FLEX Courses - Over 200 Available!


ACT Preparation   ***

Aerobics   **

Pre-Algebra, Part 1 

Pre-Algebra, Part 2 

Algebra 1, Part 1 

Algebra 1, Part 2 

Algebra 2, Part 1

Algebra 2, Part 2

AP Biology, Part 1   **

AP Biology, Part 2   **

AP Calculus AB Part 1   * $10 additional licensing fee per student, per enrollment (Not available for subscription customers)

AP Calculus AB Part 2   * $10 additional licensing fee per student, per enrollment (Not available for subscription customers)

AP Calculus BC Part 1   * $10 additional licensing fee per student, per enrollment (Not available for subscription customers)

AP Government   **

AP U.S. History, Part 1   , *

AP U.S. History, Part 2   , *

AP World History, Part 1

AP Psychology, Part 1

AP Psychology, Part 2

First-Year Arabic, Part 1 

First-Year Arabic, Part 2 

Second-Year Arabic, Part 1 

Second-Year Arabic, Part 2 

Introduction to Art 

Art Foundations, Part 1 

Art Foundations, Part 2 



Introduction to Commercial Art 

Digital Photography 

Automotive Basics 

Business Communications

Biology, Part 1 

Biology, Part 2 

Human Anatomy 

Business Law 

Business and Consumer Math, Part 1 

Business and Consumer Math, Part 2 



Chemistry, Part 1 

Chemistry, Part 2 

Honors Chemistry, Part 1 

Honors Chemistry, Part 2 

Child Development, Part 1 

Child Development, Part 2 

Preparing for Responsible Parenthood 

Clothing Construction 

Clothing Fashion Fundamentals 

Public Speaking 

Computer Science, Part 1

Computer Science, Part 2

Computer Technology


Earth Science, Part 1 

Earth Science, Part 2 




Seventh-Grade English, Part 1 

Seventh-Grade English, Part 2 

Eighth-Grade English, Part 1 

Eighth-Grade English, Part 2 

Ninth-Grade English, Part 1 

Ninth-Grade English, Part 2

Tenth-Grade English, Part 1

Tenth-Grade English, Part 2 

Eleventh-Grade English, Part 1

Eleventh-Grade English, Part 2

Twelfth-Grade English, Part 1 

Twelfth-Grade English, Part 2 

Small Engine Repair 

Environmental Science 

Financial Literacy 

Fitness For Living

Lifetime Weight Control 

Fitness for Sports and Recreation 

Food and Nutrition, Part 1

Food and Nutrition, Part 2

First-Year French, Part 1 

First-Year French, Part 2 

Second-Year French, Part 1 

Second-Year French, Part 2 

Home Gardening 

World Geography 

Plane Geometry, Part 1 

Geometry, Part 2

First-Year German, Part 1 

First-Year German, Part 2 

Second-Year German, Part 1 

Second-Year German, Part 2 


American (U.S.) Government and Citizenship

Applied American (U.S.) Government and Citizenship 

Honors United States Government and Citizenship 

Seventh-Grade Science, Part 1 

Seventh-Grade Science, Part 2 

Eighth-Grade Science, Part 1 

Eighth-Grade Science, Part 2 

Beginning Guitar 

United States History to 1850 

United States History from 1851 

Northwest History 

Northwestern History - WA State 

Alaska History 

New Mexico State History 

History of the American West 

World History: Eastern Hemisphere 

World History: Western Hemisphere 

World History: Europe and Russia 

World Civilizations 

Health Education 

Health Education, Part 1 

Health Education, Part 2 

Eating Disorders and Basic Nutrition 

Drug Use and Abuse 

Keyboarding *$7 additional licensing fee per student, per enrollment

Interior Design, Part 1 

First-Year Japanese, Part 1 

First-Year Japanese, Part 2 

Second-Year Japanese, Part 1 

Second-Year Japanese, Part 2 


First-Year Korean, Part 1 

First-Year Korean, Part 2 

Korean 2, Part 1

Korean 2, Part 2

First-Year Latin, Part 1 

First-Year Latin, Part 2 

Second-Year Latin, Part 1 

Second-Year Latin, Part 2 

Understanding Literature 

Advanced Literature Comprehension 

Bible as Literature 

Science Fiction Literature 

Seventh-Grade Mathematics, Part 1 

Seventh-Grade Mathematics, Part 2 

Eighth-Grade Mathematics, Part 1

Eighth-Grade Mathematics, Part 2

Secondary Mathematics I, Part 1

Secondary Mathematics I, Part 2

Secondary Mathematics II, Part 1

Secondary Mathematics II, Part 2

Secondary Mathematics III, Part 1

Secondary Mathematics III, Part 2

Medical Terminology

Introduction to Music 

Preparing for Health Occupations 

Physics, Part 1

Physics, Part 2 

Physical Science 

Beginning Piano 

Precalculus, Part 1 * $10 additional licensing fee per student, per enrollment (Not available for subscription customers)

Precalculus, Part 2  *$10 additional licensing fee per student, per enrollment (Not available for subscription customers)

Reading Comprehension, Part 1 

Reading Comprehension: Understanding Literature, Part 2 

Speed Reading

Reading Comprehension 

Recreational Reading 

Reading around the World 

Life Preparation 

First-Year Russian, Part 1 

First-Year Russian, Part 2 

Second-Year Russian, Part 1 

Second-Year Russian, Part 2 

Personal Freedom 

Project Self-Discovery 

Dating: Romance and Reason 

Essential Life Skills 


Study Skills 

Education and Career Planning

Current Events



Survey Of World History, Part 1 

Survey Of World History, Part 2 

United States History, Part 1 

United States History, Part 2 

United States History, Part 3 

United States History, Part 4 

First-Year Spanish, Part 1 

First-Year Spanish, Part 2 

Second-Year Spanish, Part 1 

Second-Year Spanish, Part 2 

Third-Year Spanish, Part 1 

Third-Year Spanish, Part 2 

Intermediate Swimming 


Trigonometry, Part 1 

Character of America: Documents and Symbols 

Character of America: The People

Walking Fitness

English Usage

Technical Writing 

Creative Writing 

Writing Poetry 


Weight Training 

Character Education: Exploring Values, Part 1

Character Education: Exploring Values, Part 2 

Character Education: Exploring Values, Part 3