Vocal Music

Picture of sheet music with microphone

PHS Vocal Music Department

Plainwell High School’s Music Department offers instrumental music and vocal music courses for students as well as a variety of concert and musical theater performances enjoyed by our community throughout the school year. Our vocal music program is headed by Ms. Denise Beauchamp and consists of 5 performing groups that meet daily for the entire year. No audition or prior experience is necessary to be a part of the PHS Choir program. Students are placed into the choir that will best meet the needs of each individual based on a short "Meet and Greet" with Ms. Beauchamp. 

  • Bass Choir – Tenor/Bass voices in grades 9-12

  • Cantate – Soprano/Alto voices in grades 9-12

  • Chamber Ensemble – Soprano/Alto voices in grades 9-12

  • Trebleaires – Soprano/Alto voices in grades 9-12

  • Bel Canto –  Soprano/Alto voices in grades 9-12

Any student interested in singing in the choirs, please contact Ms. Beauchamp.

Email: denise.beauchamp@plainwellschools.org
Telephone: 269.685.9554, Ext.  1520