plainwell community schools - back to school transportation reminders - please review these 2023/24 back to school bus transportation reminders!
BACK TO SCHOOL BUS REMINDERS: As we prepare for Back to School on Monday (8/28), we wanted to share the following reminders from our transportation department: 

1. Bus riders should be out 10 minutes before their pick up time. 

2. If you do not have a designated bus stop listed on the transportation route, your student can go to the nearest bus stop to be picked-up. 

3. If you had a stop last year and you do not see it listed, please find where it would fall within the route schedule on the first day, bus route updates will be made as needed. 

4. Please be aware that stops may be adjusted or updated based on overall ridership for each route.

5. Elementary families: Please note that during the first couple weeks of school as the bus routes get established, the buses usually leave the elementary buildings later than normal for the PM routes, causing students to arrive home later than normal. 

6. Take note of what bus students are picked-up on in the morning, as well as asking the driver where drop-off will be in the afternoon. 

7. Families can check their email for 2023/24 back to school transportation information.

We look forward to welcoming our students back to school on Monday, August 28 (half day). Go Trojans!