Community Service

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ALL STUDENTS must complete 40 hours of community service to earn a PHS diploma.  (Approximately 10 hours per year enrolled at PHS.)

The procedures and guidelines follow:

The Philosophy: “Community Service” is activities which students perform to benefit the greater community, and for which the student receives no compensation or any type of payment, academic credit, or personal benefit.

The Procedure: Students may begin earning community service hours after completion of eighth grade. Hours may be accrued throughout the calendar year, including summers.  Forty (40) hours of community service must be completed by May 1 of the student’s senior year to earn a PHS diploma.

The Guidelines: Hours performed are meant to enhance the learning environment and broaden the student's life experience.  Therefore, service hours accumulated are able an beyond the normal school day, per board policy.  Service may be performed for non-profit schools or community organizations and/or for disabled or elderly individuals excluding friends and family members. Community service may be accrued through organizations such as the National Honor Society, Peer Assistant Leaders, scouts, or a church youth group. Hours earned through the church may not exceed more than half of the community service requirements.  Anything more than 50% for faith-based community service should be pre-approved by an administrator.  Food and clothing drives, yard or highway cleanup, and nursing home visits are all examples of acceptable service.  Hours directly related to the propagation of one’s faith, such as teaching Sunday school and/or assisting at church, may count toward community service hours.  Attending church services does not count.  Services performed for any type of business or person that makes a profit will not be accepted. This includes babysitting, neighborhood associations, maintenance of private clubs and/or organizations in which membership fees/dues are collected. Services performed that have been court-assigned cannot be accepted.

This form used for tracking hours and services may also be downloaded below. Students are advised to submit forms to the Student Services office as hours are completed and to keep a copy for their records. If there is a question regarding whether or not an activity will be accepted, see a high school administrator prior to beginning the service.

Download a Community Service Log

Looking for Student Volunteers?
If you are looking for student volunteers, please fax your information and the details of the work to be performed to the high school at (269) 685-9064. It will then be posted on our Community Service Bulletin Board for students to view.